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Scholastic Summer Selfie Contest!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your summer break! Whether it's just beginning or you've been on break for a bit, don't miss this awesome opportunity from Scholastic Magazine to win $1,000 this summer ! All it takes is a selfie like this! 

While I may not be going on a glamorous vacation, or even the beach this summer, I am spending a lot of quality time hanging out in the kiddie pool with Miss Toddlesworth and the bump, trying to avoid the heat!

If you haven't ever used Scope or seen the magazine, I just wanted to point out three of my favorite things about this particular Scholastic Magazine, especially for middle school. 

1. Their non-fiction informational text is AWESOME for identifying text features. If you're looking for great examples of text features, this is the section for you! There is a wide variety, and it's easy enough for students to identify independently or in partners, and assess the author's purpose in choosing the features.

2. I'm not a fan of DOL, but if you had to do a find it/fix it activity, isn't this a great one? Students are learning something, and also applying editing skills in a practical way. This is my go to activity for early finishers and as a way to brush up some additional grammar practice!

3. Finally, I love these one page non-fiction texts to use either for article of the week, or as a way to practice close reading for non-fiction. They're easy to break down as a whole class or independently, and it's not overwhelming, especially if you're just getting started with close reading. 

Entering the contest is easy, just share a photo/video on your personal social media of a Scholastic magazine on vacation with you using #ScholasticMagVacay for a chance to win cash prizes ($1,000, $500 and $250). The contest runs June 1 through August 31. 

Enter at Scholastic.com/ScholasticMagVacay!

Not a subscriber? You can still participate! Click on this link to request a free sample issue.

Learn more about Scholastic Classroom Magazines for on-level learning from K-12.

Be sure to check out Scholastic on social media as well!


Good luck!!

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