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Independent Reading in a Remote Classroom

So the countdown is on, right? Here we have SIX weeks left of school, and of course we have state testing sprinkled in there with a topping of iReady, so probably more like five.  In my remote classroom, we just finished up a BEAST of a literary analysis essay. Let me tell you, teaching how to write an essay in a remote classroom was no joke. I'll probably write a post about it once I've recovered and finished grading everything. I will let you know I used the Guided Draft feature in No Red Ink and it was a life saver, but that's a story for another day.  So for this last six weeks of school, we're going to coast. And by coast I don't mean just give up, I mean coast like we're on the most enjoyable of Sunday drives. We're doing independent reading, and I've come up with some fun activities to help us make the most of these last six weeks and hopefully keep them engaged! First up, I created a giant google slideshow to help us navigate this unit!   Set Up

Erin Condren 2021 Teacher Lesson Planner and Accessories Launch

  Don't feel like reading? Watch my YouTube Review instead! Teacher Planner Review Video  and Teacher Accessories Review Video **Disclaimer: There are affiliate links throughout. These links give me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you to the Erin Condren team and Samantha Kuhr for giving me the opportunity to review these items! ***All headings are links! Please feel free to shop through my affiliate link here . Well, it's certainly been a crazy year, I think everyone can agree on that! Education has looked very different this year, and has occurred in more formats than over before- traditional, hybrid, remote, and homeschool. I've had the pleasure of experiencing three different types of learning over the course of the pandemic. I ended the last school year trying to teach PK2 virtually, homeschooled preschool for my daughters, and then taught 8th grade remote English this year from the comfort of my son's nursery, and then finally my own office spac