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Change is a Comin'

Hi everyone! You may have noticed, if you follow me on IG, that my posts as of late have not been focused as much on the classroom. The reason for this, dear readers, is that I recently left my teaching position. Crazy, right? I love teaching, I love being in the classroom, I love creating lessons, so why would I leave? Well...something inside of me was telling me that at this time in my life I need to focus on my family. This was the scariest decision I've ever made. It was a rough beginning of the school year, and the constant hustle and bustle of teaching was leaving me feeling like I was missing out on my most important student, my daughter. I started to realize that I couldn't be the mom, the wife, or the person I wanted to be while burning the candle at both ends. After a lot of thought and discussion, and budgeting (oh, the budgeting!), I decided to take a leave to stay home with Grace for a bit. I had many doubts, and regrets, and wondered constantly if I was making