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What I'm Working on Wednesday..

Hi everyone! Today I'm organizing all of my digital resources so that I can feel prepared for the upcoming school year. Now that my office is officially decluttered, it's time to tackle the real black hole, my macbook! Do you feel like all of your materials, resources, etc... just fall into a black hole stored somewhere on your C drive? I know I do. Between my external hard drive, my icloud, google drive, and my actual mac, I have materials floating around everywhere. I don't even know how many folders I have labeled "Sort" on my mac, that literally have never been sorted. I tried to do that tags, and that worked well for awhile, until I had so many tags I was overwhelmed with all the categories. So today I decided to add a tab to my scope and sequence, and upload the files I actually use to my google drive so that I can link to them easily! Not only will this help me wrap my head around what I'm using, but it's the first step in getting my ISN T