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TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! How is everyone doing? We have about three and a half weeks left in the school year, and it has certainly been a whirlwind since I've come back from maternity leave! We're using the Digi-ISN's almost daily in class, and it's going so well, I almost can't believe it! Are you ever shocked when lessons/units you plan work? The most convenient thing is that even when we don't have laptops, I can print off the one or two worksheets we need and put it in the ISN for safekeeping! Here's an example. We didn't have laptops due to testing, so I printed these off and voila! We're reading Night  in eighth grade, and The Little Prince  in seventh grade, and novel studies are my absolute favorite unit for teaching theme and characterization. I love having students study the changes characters make throughout a novel! In the rest of my seventh grade block, we are studying and analyzing po