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B2S Wish List!

Hola, all! Before I get into this post, I wanted to mention really quickly that my old e-mail address is no longer working. If you've sent anything to that email as of late, I am not getting it, so make sure to click the contact me button to the right to be directed to the correct e-mail, thank you!! I'm suffering from some low iron lately, so getting motivated to go back to school has been really tough. I literally go upstairs to work in my office and I'm wiped out, so it's been a daily struggle to push myself to be productive. Three weeks before school starts, and since I'm not entirely sure about my courses/class loads yet, and we can't get back into the building, I'm making my wish list for back to school! This year my wish list is a bit different, as it's stuff I would love to have to help me be more productive in the morning and at school! Also, some of it's really cute. :) (**Disclaimer: This is NOT an affiliate post, I was not giv

Mid-Summer Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Since I arrived home from the TpT Conference Sunday night, I've been processing everything I learned and reflecting on all of the great ideas and memories from it! It's been a lot to take in, and I'm slightly overwhelmed, but excited to process all of my ideas and learn how to manage my time while preparing for the school year and baby (which we found out is a girl, on Thursday, eek!!) Here are my top 5 biggest takeaways: 1. Networking is *KEY* 2. Being on TpT=Being a small business owner, take it seriously! 3. You must find your niche and stay true to it 4. TpT should enhance your work in the classroom 5. Teachers rock! With #5 in mind,  I've teamed up with a great group of Middle School Bloggers and TpT Sellers to bring you this great mid-summer giveaway! We are giving away TWO prizes!  A $60 Target Gift Card  and a TpT Product Bundle!  Please see the rafflecopter below for how to enter. And make sure to stop