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TPT Seller Challenge: Makeover Madness!

First of all, I would like to start off by saying, CONGRATS TO THE NEW DYNASTY,
THE CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS!! :) There was a lot of rally towel swinging and yelling happening in our house last night, and a lot of fireworks being set off in our neighborhood after the Hawks big win last night. What was a great series!

So I saw from Third in Hollywood that they decided to do a TPT Seller Challenge, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to jump on, since I'm heading to the TpT Conference in fabulous Las Vegas in July!

For this week's challenge, we were asked to makeover a product in our store, so I decided on my Reading Project Descriptions and Rubrics. These were definitely due for a facelift!


  1. I like the makeover! I feel like it's so hard for us middle/high teachers to incorporate "cute" graphics and clip art because we don't want it to look childish or young. I'm really struggling with this challenge because of that :/ But yours is the perfect combo of color and cute, while still being appropriate for middle school :) Congrats! Hope you sell lots of those!!!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  2. Love the title! It's more descriptive than the first one. I bet you'll see an increase in sales!


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