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TPT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream!

This week the TpT Challenge was all about why we joined TpT in the first place. I've been working on this post all week, but this was a surprisingly hectic week with our whole house being torn up for new carpeting, painting the nursery, and a few other things!

Here is my reasoning for why I do TpT, and why I blog at all, actually!

1. Share resources and learn from other teachers: There is something amazing about teachers. Teachers are willing to share and help each other more than any other group of professionals I've seen. When I first started teaching and blogging, it was so wonderful to learn from others, and to get ideas for everything from classroom management to decorating a classroom. I feel like blogging is so great because it's unedited. Teachers are free to share what they do, and explain if it worked or not. Everything I read in books back in the early 2000's seemed stale to me. It was always these magical strategies that worked perfectly in a utopian classroom. Blogging changes that, and people are realistic with their goals and struggles in the classroom. TpT is also like that for me. I'm not a perfect person, and sometimes I'll put up a resource that works great for me, but receive feedback that it didn't work for someone else. I hate it when people feel that way because I don't want to let them down. It actually gives me a great deal of anxiety, and I rush to fix the product in any way I can so I can provide a great product for people. This has actually made me a better teacher, because I'm really thinking through why it didn't work for someone else, and what could I do to make it better and easier to use in the classroom? usually results in a better product that I can use in my own classroom the next time I teach it!

2. Help decrease debt and pay off student loans: I have a lot of student debt. I said it. I went to a private college, law school for a year, and have two masters degrees. Any way that I can supplement my income to help decrease my investment in my education is a plus in my book. I've used my TpT earnings as an allowance, so that I can put my salary towards paying off debt. Since I know I won't win the lottery anytime soon, I wanted to be proactive and do something about it! :)

3. Eventually develop a product line or resource book: One of my major dreams as an educator is to develop something that can be used nationwide. I'm not looking to become "edu-famous", but I would like to feel that I've contributed in a professional way to the incredible community of educators in our nation and world. I truly believe that TpT and Blogging support the idea of a virtual PLC, and we learn best from each other. Teachers are the experts in their field, and with the increasing takeover by publishing companies to control curriculum and education, I think it is absolutely crucial that we support and take care of each other. I think many teachers have a million things they are good at, and a handful of things they are absolutely excellent at. If everyone developed resources, materials, or products that showcase their gifts, I think we would be in a much better place. I also feel like middle-level education is somewhat lacking in resources, materials, and products available for their classroom. My ultimate goal would be to contribute in my own small way to this population with something of value. 

Why do you blog? Why do you put resources on TpT? What's your "end game"? 


  1. What great dreams! I really hope TPT will help you reach them all... especially paying off your student loans. Debt free sounds so wonderfully appealing!! :-)

    Beckie Black -->

  2. Why do I blog? To share success, failure, and frustrations. Blogging is an outlet. I don't use TPT, but I understand people who do. I just give what I know/use away. The younger teachers are soooo on top of things that the little bit I contribute isn't going to hurt their TPT sites. When I started teaching, I was so grateful for teachers who shared their experience with me, and because of that, I am glad to complete the circle of giving. I love pinterest and blogging for finding new ideas--and am so grateful for all of you who share fantastic ideas. You keep me enthusiastic and energized in my classroom! Thank you!

  3. I blog because it helps me reflect on what I am doing. It's quite cathartic, isn't it? I don't use TPT as I have a literal wealth of free resources already. I have been on both the receiving and sharing end of ideas, and it is fun.

  4. I have ALWAYS wanted to share things I create on TPT...for example, I am making my own planner right now and have printables I have created. The only thing I worry about it copyright with fonts, etc.

  5. It's nice that there are such blogs. I like your blog.

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