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Currently February!

It's February!! I'm linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for her currently. Fill yours out and link up!

Well, as you may have heard, Chicago is having it's annual "Snowpocalypse", or as we used to call it, "Winter".  I guess I'm weird, but it really didn't seem that bad out when I went grocery shopping, my car didn't even slide! Now, I'm the most "over" cautious driver I know. If you are ever stuck behind me trying to turn left, I'm sorry. I will literally wait until there are ZERO cars around to make my turn, and you will probably hate me. I would, too.  :)

Anyway, I put in my currently above, and I figured while I'm here, I'd give an update on my 30 day challenge! My students will be done on the 5th, so I'll have more to update then, but I started mine on the 31st! 

30 Days of Bringing Lunch to school: I DID IT!! YAY! I was so proud of myself, but on the last day, as you may have seen on my FB page, I almost didn't make it. I got up, looked in the fridge, saw there was no food...sometimes I'm really lazy about that basic survival stuff...and thought, "PB&J!" I made my little sandwich, put out my peanut butter, and went to the fridge for my jelly. Expired. Like, really expired, kill me if I try it expired. So I text my colleague, and she totally saved me by bringing me some of her grape jelly. That was a long tangent. But anyway, I did it, I lost a couple of pounds, and I saved some money in the process! I am going to try and make it a lifelong habit, but I can occasionally get lunch with my co-workers here and there now without feeling guilty. 

30 Days of taking a One Second Video: I DID IT! Now, this is a year long project, but I'm glad I stuck to it for the first month. A few days ago I went to bed at 7:30 for no good reason, and I think I actually woke myself up so that I could take a video. It ended up being a few seconds of my glowing Nook. I'm struggling with finding something interesting to take a video of every day. Often times I will get home and think, "I wish I had videotaped _________" that happened today. Regardless, it's fun to look back at my videos and see how the month went!

I'm still trying to think of a good 30 Day Challenge this month, my goal is to decide by tonight. Any suggestions??

Happy February!!


  1. So I have been trying to bring my lunch to school too! I did pretty good, I think I ate at school once or twice. It's just too filled with carbs! Plus I am giving up soda, oh so hard to do! Good luck with your next challenge!

  2. Can you send me some snow?! lol It is not so cold here in Texas, I could go for a snow day! Oh, and I am headed to make hot chocolate now, that sounds fantastic! I love your video and challenge idea...wish I had a suggestion for you. That would take some dedication to keep up with. Hope it and the rest of your February goes well!


  3. We're being hit pretty hard with the snow in Iowa, too. Still waiting to see about a snow day. I definitely lost weight when I started bringing homemade lunches to school. I did frozen dinners for a long time, but just kept gaining. I hope you can keep those new habits going!
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