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'Twas the night before teaching...

...and all through the house, I was flitting and freaking and racing about! The kiddos come tomorrow, and I'm so excited!

The first day is SO crucial. You have to make a good first impression, and you have to start the kids off on the right foot. I don't agree with the whole "don't smile til' Christmas" philosophy, because would you learn well if someone was being cold and stand offish to you? I would rather let students know my expectations and routines while also making them feel welcome and invited into my their learning space. All this prep work is for them after all, so that they can learn and grow!

In middle school it is especially important to focus on the student. They are in an egocentric mindset already, and I do not mean that in a negative way. This is a time for them to discover who they are as people, and I honestly believe that our daily interaction with them in the classroom impacts the "people" they will become.

So tomorrow I will smile as they come in the door, they will sit down at their assigned seats (yes, assigned!) and work on their bell ringer as if it was any other normal day in my classroom. I will have my agenda up on the board, and instructions on the projector for what they need to do. That's about as strict as I plan to be tomorrow. Then we will proceed with business as usual. The business of learning, getting to know each other, and embracing all the unique eccentricities and quirks that often accompany a middle school classroom. I will not tolerate rudeness or apathy, but they'll be too busy to even think about trying it anyway. :)

I'm guessing this book I just got today will kind of address what I've stated above. I'm excited to dig in to it!

I am doing this activity again from last year, I hope it works as well again! I'm wondering if anyone can top this gem from last year:

I promise I'll post some pictures tomorrow from my classroom, and my finished bulletin boards. I was racing out today so I could let Bella out, and completely forgot!

Cheers to the 2014-2015 school year! If I slack off on blogging, please give me a virtual "slap" on Facebook! :)

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  1. Which activity does the post-it go with? I used the hyperlink, but that doesn't seem to make sense with the picture. Thanks!

  2. Found it...that was just a super creative kid!


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