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Planning for Week 1 and the updated "list"

Our school year starts with two days of regular classes and then one day of PBIS training for kids, and yet planning for this week seems to be the most stressful. I want to make sure there is more than enough stuff so we don't run out of things to do, because nothing is worse than sitting and staring at each other on the first day of class! What do you plan the first week? 
Does anyone have any recommendations for activities to do with students you already know??

I always find myself sketching out my weeks like this:

7th Grade Language Arts 1

Wednesday- Welcome! Icebreakers (Bingo) and Post-It Activity, Six Word-Memoir, Handout Edmodo permission slip and supplies needed.
Thursday- Edmodo, Reading Interest Inventory. HW: Bring Notebook for Monday
Friday- PBIS Day

7th Grade Language Arts 2

Wednesday- Syllabus, Pass out Writer's Notebooks (# pages and table of contents)
Thursday- 100 Things I Love
Friday- PBIS Day

8th Grade Language Arts 1

Wednesday- Welcome back, review rules and supplies with post-it activity, hand back letters from last year
Thursday- "This I Believe" essay HW: Bring ISN for Monday
Friday- PBIS Day

CAE- Genius Hour

Wednesday- Pass out course syllabus and supplies needed, answer questions
Thursday- Set up Weebly account, go over handouts
Friday- PBIS Day

Here's the to-do list as of today!
  • Make a list of everything to bring to school to move-in: Two pillows, table, chair, speakers, lamp, rug
  • Make Edmodo permission slip and supply sheet for 7th grade
  • Syllabus
    • 7th Grade
    • 8th Grade
    • Genius Hour
  • Update school website
  • Update Weebly
  • Make list of technology using this year
    • Edmodo
    • Weebly 
    • Quizlet
    • School Website
  • Plan 7th Grade LA1 Units
    • Mark up what needs to be copied
    • Pull handouts that are not from book
  • Plan 8th Grade LA1 Units
    • Quarter 1:
      • “O Me! O Life!” and "O Captain! My Captain!" (Close Reading, Types of Questions, and Shared Inquiry) (Week 1)
      • Literary Analysis Workshop (Week 2)
      • A Retrieved Reformation (Shared Inquiry) (Week 2-3)
      • A Life in Letters and from Travels with Charley (Week 4)
      • Informational Texts (Week 4)
      • Writing: Informative/Explanatory (Writer’s Workshop) (Weeks 5-9)
    • Quarter 2:
      • Literary Analysis Workshop (Week 1)
      • The Tell-Tale Heart and The Black Cat (Close Reading and Shared Inquiry) (Week 2-3)
      • Posters and Advertisements (Week 9)
      • Writing: NaNoWriMo (Writer's Workshop) (Weeks 4-8)
    • Quarter 3:
      • Literary Analysis Workshop (Week 1)
      • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (Shared Inquiry) (Week 1-2)
      • On Woman’s Right to Suffrage (Close Reading) (Week 3)
      • Informational Text (Week 4)
      • Writing: Argumentative (Writer's Workshop) (Week 5-9)
    • Quarter 4:
      • Radio Transcript/Photo Essay/Political Cartoon
      • Terrible Things (Shared Inquiry) (Week 1)
      • Novel Study: Night (Close Reading, Shared Inquiry) (Week 2-9)
    • Mark what needs to be copied
    • Pull handouts
  • 7th Grade LA2 Units
  • Make list of copies to make
    • Print Grading Information Handouts
    • Syllabus
    • Edmodo permission slip
    • Genius Hour Handouts
    • Introductory Units
    • 100 Things I love slip
  • Plan bulletin boards
  • Sort ALL files on computer and external hard drive
  • Start saving items to flash drive
  • Make list of posters to print and vistaprint items to order (signature stamp)
    • FIOS, Little Prince, Perks, etc...
    • Quotes
  • To do list for "crafty" things to do in classroom 
    • paint bookcases with chalkboard paint
    • wallpaper back of bookcases
    • door: Tardis or Harvard
    • vinyl cutouts for drawers
  • Sort through pinterest links, facebook likes, and bookmarks for ideas
  • Go through planner from last year for random notes and reminders
  • Send curriculum to principal and department
  • Genius Hour Handouts and Information
  • Plan Jeff Anderson Anchor Charts and Grammar Exercises
  • Clean House, focus on office
  • Purge and Organize Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Makeup, etc...


  1. I'm right there with you when it comes to the massive to do list! I'm not sure if you're familiar with "The Together Teacher", but I truly enjoy her concept of Thought Catchers. I basically put my To-Do's into categories and that way it's all together (ex: anchor charts, to print, etc). Just passing along the suggestion! Best of luck!


    1. That's a fantastic idea! I feel like I just have so many things I'm forgetting, so categorizing is a great idea!

  2. If I actually wrote the random ideas swimming through my brain, my list would look pretty similar! I don't go back until September though, so I'm going to just keep swimming. ;)

  3. Jen,
    Would you please share your Edmodo permission slip? Thank you!
    ~Karen Owen

    1. Hi there! I use these: https://support.edmodo.com/home#entries/21855920-classroom-rollout-resources-teacher

  4. I love your blog! Would you mind sharing what PBIS Day entails? I'm the local coach at my school and would love to hear about it. I'm also interested in your Edmodo permission slip. Beth - msbee421@hotmail.com

    1. PBIS day usually involves reviewing the "BARK" in the hallway, classroom, cafeteria, locker room/restroom, and assembly. Students walk through rotations practicing the way we should act in those areas. Then, we do some team building spirit stuff with SLC, decorating doors, etc... We also do all the drills: bus, fire, lockdown, tornado. I took the permission slip from edmodo.com this year: https://support.edmodo.com/home#entries/21855920-classroom-rollout-resources-teacher


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