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First Day in the Books!

The first day back today was pretty fabulous I must say! Students learned the NKQ routine very quickly, and of course I over planned, so tonight I have to revamp some of my activities for tomorrow!

This was the first time I had assigned seats for every class, and it worked out well! I could tell when some kids were bummed out that I had chosen the right seats for them. :)

Post it notes on desks next to planners, 5 minutes until go time! We start the day with students in their SLC classes, that way there is time to pass out ID's, schedules, and lanyards. Our assistant principal also gave an awesome back to school pep talk to our eighth graders, which they were referring to with enthusiasm later in the day on the way to lunch!

Each period has their own sign, and for the first time, they all put their stuff in the right bin!

6 Word Memoirs "Bulletin Board". The 8th graders were assigned this for HW today, and will put them up tomorrow!

I'm using this book as inspiration, along with the original. 
You can pick up a copy here!

I also uploaded a copy of the handout I created to TpT for free. Basically, read some examples of Six-Word Memoirs to students, give background knowledge of what a memoir is to students as well. I would read it, and ask them to tell me what it said about that person. I then had them write six of their own for homework tonight, and they will edit and decide tomorrow which one they would like to use and put it up on the bulletin board. These will be up for Open House so parents can see how their child describes him or herself.

Final reading corner. The label for the bulletin board says, "What Will You Write About Reading?"
All lamps on, light strands hanging, I think it looks great!

Agendas are written for the day, I was overly excited at this point!

Here's the beginning of our post-it activity. Tomorrow they will analyze them in their groups!


  1. Room looks awesome!!!!! Glad the first day went well!

  2. I want to be a student in your classroom because it's so cute! I can't wait to hear about all the fun activities you do this year!

  3. I love it! Can you please explain your NKQ process? Thank you!


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