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Finishing up the Room!

I'll do a complete room tour soon, since I've been showing in chunks and pieces, but here's what was accomplished today!

First...can I just say that starting off the school year with a concert is pretty awesome? Especially when it comes in the form of district employees and alumni? The kickoff today was the best I've ever seen in eight years!

I needed something to cover up part of my garage door, since otherwise my students get distracted if there is a gnat flying around in the hallway. I put up my big post-it notes, and I'm going to have my 8th grade students put up their favorite 6 Word Memoirs on these to start the year :)

I left this board from last year...

And this is my new middle board! I am going to use it for our 7th grade weekly "Invitations" from Jeff Anderson. I'm really excited to see this come to life! Thanks to a suggestion from my friend and co-worker Heather, I'm going to cut out some arrows tonight and add them to the inside section for flow. I'm also going to move the bottom two to the right, but didn't feel like finishing it up today. It was hard to get up at 5:45 this morning, so I was pretty much out of gas by 4pm.

This board I changed a bit. In the bottom two sections, I'm going to cut out vinyl to say "What We've Learned in 8th Grade" and "What We've Learned in 7th Grade" so that we can keep a running record of skills that we've covered so far. 

Now I'm off to mark up things that need to be copied, and relax for a bit. I'm also going to enjoy some Crock-Pot Pizza Dip, yum!



  1. Love the organization of the boards and the cheerfulness.

  2. I love the Invitation board! Jivey has a great explanation and video demonstration of her mentor sentence routine, and I LOVED them. I like the additions I see on your board, as they are more fitting for middle school. I wasn't aware that this idea comes from Jeff Anderson, but I'm off to check it out now!


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