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I'm Back!!!

Hello everyone (hopefully there is still an "everyone" to greet)!

I am back for the summer to blog, after my too long hiatus from the blogging world. Now that my two week fatigue after school ended seems to be over, and my Netflix binge on Doctor Who has ended (seven seasons in two weeks, yes, it is a real addiction), I can focus on blogging again about what happened this school year, the amazing strategies I learned, my upcoming Monday made-its, and my ideas that are already spinning in my head for next school year! As my favorite doctor, the tenth (David Tennant) would say, Allons-y!

I am starting with a Summer Reading Link Up with one of my favorite fellow bloggers, who I would very much like to be friends with in real life if she didn't live halfway across the country, Ms. W! Head on over there and link up!

What am I reading this summer? Let's look at the pile shall we?

The first one I'm starting with is Eleanor & Park, which I started, but was immediately distracted by Doctor Who...whoops. After that I'm thinking I'll move on to "The Hidden Summer" :)

 If I may throw in a suggestion, if you are looking... Paper Towns, by John Green. I loved The Fault in Our Stars and I really enjoyed Looking for Alaska (slightly inappropriate for middle schoolers in my opinion, but you be the judge), as well as an An Abundance of Katherines, but something about Paper Towns just spoke to me in such a way that I can't even put my finger on it! It had mystery, fantastic writing, an original idea...I think it could be an amazing novel study on growing up.

Oh, and I had to throw in this little note I got on Edmodo at about 4 in the morning after a bunch of my students went to see The Fault in Our Stars movie. I'm excusing the grammar and spelling because they were probably emotionally overwhelmed :) That's a top notch movie review right there.


  1. We would totally be friends in real life! And I am super impressed by your ambitious book list! I might check out that other John Green novel when I finish The Fault In Our Stars :)
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  2. Glad I'm not the only one who needed a mental break before getting back into blogging. I'm determined to get back on this wagon today!

  3. You're not the only one who marathoned/binged on Doctor Who - it IS an addiction! I love 10 too. :) I may or may not have a Doctor Who poster in my classroom somewhere...



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