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Tackling the Home Office

A few years ago I redid one of our extra bedrooms, creating the ultimate "Woman Cave". Unfortunately, during the school year it tends to become a catch all. It got really bad after Christmas this year, as it became the dumping ground for receipts, wrapping paper, boxes, and pretty much anything that needed to be moved upstairs.

Yep- I'm pretty much the most disorganized organized person I know. 

Oh look, there's a TON of paper and school stuff that needs to be sorted. 

Oh---you wanted to use your desk? Too bad you piled tons of junk on it!

Well- the lightbulb went out, so I guess everything in there is invisible...

I started by sorting all of my school books. I still had textbooks from as far back as 2001. Things were quite outdated.

I managed to get a huge pile to put up on half.com!

About halfway through the organization. It doesn't look like much, but the piles made it go much faster!

I may have too many crafting supplies...

My nice desk area "before"

Put a new lightbulb in, thanks hubster!

Inside of my IKEA desk drawers....

All my paints and glitter!

Stationary and stamping materials

The craft drawer!

Labels and Stickers

Pens, Silhouette Materials, and I apparently hoard scotch tape. 

Found a new home for my washi tape! :)

Ahh... Finally all clean

My favorite colors all together

Love this desk, so glad it's cleaned off!

I have a slight obsession

Bella had to get in the picture

My other books, including some chick lit. religion books, and autobiographies!

Repurposed TV stand for scrapbook storage, and an area for my silhouette

Pegboard wrapping paper station

V.I.P. Teaching Books: Missing- My argument writing book, and my other Kelly Gallagher books (at school)

Writing Books

Reading Books and Specialty Books from classes

Miscellaneous teaching materials

My "college shelf": I never threw away or sold back any books from college, and this is where most of them are, my favorite shelf in my office :)

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  1. What a difference! I love the VIP location of all those KG books!

  2. Hi,
    I found your blog today on pinterest and love it! I just thought I would say hi and give you a shout out! Your teacher book collection make me feel better about my collection; it's gotten a little out of hand too. Maybe that's a good next project for me.

  3. It makes me feel better that there are more craft/teacher book storage people out there. Your space looks lovely-great work!

  4. Wow! I'm pretty psyched I came upon your blog today! I am in the process of tackling a similar set up- my home office/dressing room/dump everything in it room. My apartment has two bedrooms, but they are so small that half of my bedroom furniture has ended up in the spare room. It has become such a mess and heap of clothing. Oh yeah and I groom my shih tzu in this room as well, so it houses all of her supplies. Any tips for overhauling and reorganizing a multi-purpose space?


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