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Sweats Day!

Sweats day was the best EVER!! Day 2 of testing done, and tomorrow is crazy socks day. I didn't get my pic today of my sweats because I went straight from rehearsal to the gym to mass. Phew! I laminated my "Oh What a Week" sheets today, so I'll take pics tomorrow of what I'm doing with them, I'm pretty excited! Also, I'm getting ready for our second round of Writer's Workshop so I'll take process pics tomorrow as I'm setting everything up! :) I gave myself a curfew for technology of 9pm during Lent this year, so that I could "unplug" and connect with Tony more, and work less. I find myself typing incredibly fast right now so I can get this in before my deadline, lol! The difficult part is that my students are often up asking me for help sometimes past ten, so I let them know that I'm unplugging for a bit, but left out the "lent" part for obvious reasons. Have a great evening everyone, hopefully this will give me mo

ISAT Fashion Week!

Day 1 of ISAT testing (Illinois State Standardized Testing) Today's theme: LEAN GREEN TEST TAKING MACHINE After less than four hours of sleep, I went to bed at 8 o'clock last night, and woke up with energy! Shocking how that works. To kick off testing week, I put on my green sparkle eyeliner, sparkle headband, and some other choice green clothing. Here's what I put together :) I left early for a doc appointment with a specialist, and I'm really hoping that things will be looking up soon in terms of future parenthood, please keep your fingers crossed for us :) I will have to take more time off from work than I would like (half days here and there), but I know/hope/pray it will be worth it in the end. I also have to remember that my family (and future family) come first. When I got home, our Erin Condren order had come early! A few co-workers and I ordered this weekly pad to use in the classroom. We are splitting it three ways and are going to laminate it. I

Tackling the Home Office

A few years ago I redid one of our extra bedrooms, creating the ultimate "Woman Cave". Unfortunately, during the school year it tends to become a catch all. It got really bad after Christmas this year, as it became the dumping ground for receipts, wrapping paper, boxes, and pretty much anything that needed to be moved upstairs. Yep- I'm pretty much the most disorganized organized person I know.  Oh look, there's a TON of paper and school stuff that needs to be sorted.  Oh---you wanted to use your desk? Too bad you piled tons of junk on it! Well- the lightbulb went out, so I guess everything in there is invisible... I started by sorting all of my school books. I still had textbooks from as far back as 2001. Things were quite  outdated. I managed to get a huge pile to put up on! About halfway through the organization. It doesn't look like much, but the piles made it go much faster! I may have too many crafting sup

Cleaning Out My Office Giveaway!

I've been cleaning out my office since yesterday, and found some materials for my personalized water bottles and thought, I should do a giveaway! Do you want to win one of these? The winner will get this pink water bottle monogrammed for free! :) Not only is it personalized, it has a carry strap, two openings so you can get ice in easily, and is DISHWASHER safe! :) The giveaway ends Monday night, so enter now! a Rafflecopter giveaway    

March Currently!

I'm linking up with Farley for the March Currently! Can you guess the category of my last answer?  Happy March! Just think, only 90 days until June!!! :)