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Coolest Surprise Ever and this week!

Ok, so awhile back I did a review for Tieks that you can read here, and I have since received many more pairs, either as a gift, or as a splurge :)

I now have FIVE pairs of Tieks, and my 5th pair came after receiving this absolutely AMAZING gift at random after a long night of Parent-Teacher Conferences!

Here's what I came home to:

What is this?
At first I thought the Hubster surprised me for V-Day!

Then I read this!

Jennifer- We wanted to send you some treats to make your Valentine's Day extra sweet! Please enjoy this $100 Tieks Gift Card, custom Tieks stationery, and other goodies we think you'll adore :) Happy Valentine's Day! xo, The Tieks Team

(I was literally screaming/squealing at this point.)

Inside the box, in addition to the gift card and stationery, is a necklace, OPI nail polish, cute undergarments, granola, an adorable cookie, a scarf, and TWO tickets to see ALADDIN on BROADWAY!

Best. Day. Ever.

Three days later...

These little beauties were waiting for me, and I'm in love. :)

So I have fuchsia, navy, black, camel, and red now. My pairs still look as good as the first day I received them, and they are so comfortable! They also make packing SOOO easy. When we went to Dallas, packing was a breeze, and I just brought outfits that went with my Tieks!

Last week, we had a faculty dodgeball game, and I shared my crazy outfit on FB, but figured I'd post it here as well. We won the first game, by the way, NBD!

I did get a lot of strange looks from kids, but most of them were wearing blue in support, and cheering very loudly! :)

Had to bust out the blue eyeliner!

And here's my upcoming week. We have ISAT's the first week of March, so I'm cramming in stuff this week, and then our county wide institute is on Friday. I'm excited that my bestie and I finally get to go to the same institute day together!

Finally- Tonight I finished up designing my largest sets for Guys and Dolls, Jr. We had choreography last week and this week, and it's such a great workout!! I better drop about 10 lbs. with this show like I did with Legally Blonde!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I, too, am very excited for the county-wide institute day on Friday... but I get to stay home! :) I can't afford a pair of Tieks right now anyway, but I'm curious if they make your feet sweat or stinky like other ballet flats without socks. I'm super jealous of that sweet box they sent you!!!

    1. That sounds lovely (staying home) :) They do not make my feet sweaty, nor do I get the "foot prints" that I sometimes get in my cheaper ballet flats. I have been pleasantly surprised! :)

  2. Greetings,

    I'm a freelance journalist for the Beacon News and I do the Blog Log each week, where we feature a blog in the Fox Valley area and the writer of the blog. Your blog caught my attention and I think it would be a great fit for the newspaper. If you're interested, I'd like to send you some questions that you can answer at your earliest convenience.

    Joy Davis


    1. Hello! I sent you an e-mail, I'm definitely interested. Thanks so much for thinking of me! :)

  3. I love how you color coordinate everything- it just makes so much sense!


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