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Snow Days...

Hello! I feel like January has been kind of a wash for me. We have had FOUR cold days so far, I got sick right when we got back from break, and winter has kind of just started...I'm not gonna lie, I worry that this is going to become like the book Life as We Knew It! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off, and when we have had school it's been business as usual, despite all of the beginning of the semester testing and what not. It's been amazing having four day weekends, because I find myself really  looking forward to going to work, and getting things done around the house! See how serene, organized, and put together this looks? That's how I always want to feel, which is why I think we should just always work Wednesday through Friday and go to school year round, with a few vacations sprinkled in at winter, spring, and summertime. Who's with me!? Speaking of the house, my purges have been going pretty well! I cleaned out 3 HUGE bags of clothes to send to