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Why, Hello There!

Hi everyone! ...I'll start off by saying I'm sorry. Can you believe it's almost the end of first semester? Me either. This year has flown by in a way that no other year has for me ever. With the introduction of a new curriculum, I think we are all busier, and even the students have commented on how fast the year is going! I thought- ok, I'm teaching the same four preps I had last year, which is kind of crazy, but doable, so this should be no big deal, right? WRONG. I'm going to be brutally honest-- I feel as if teachers are being asked to do more and more and MORE every year, and I can't tell you how many times I thought/think/am currently thinking about throwing in the towel. I have found myself googling, "Other jobs for English majors" more than ever in the past few weeks, despite the fact that I absolutely LOVE teaching students how to read and write (especially to write). My days in the classroom go by quickly, but are full of a lot of