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Prepping for Library Orientation!

Well, the weekend is almost over too soon, as usual, but I am actually excited for this week!

Our amazing LMC director was able to get my students in for library orientation a week early, and we are all excited about it! That being said, I had to rearrange some plans in order to fit in my usual day before the library lesson. When I was originally taking classes to become an LMS (before I switched to technology) I had to create a lesson about using reference resources in the LMC. After reading Igniting A Passion for Reading by Steven Layne three years ago, I was excited to try out some of his ideas in my own classroom!

Tomorrow we will be filling out an interest inventory, a reading self-assessment, and then explaining what the Books to Consider sheet is for. When we go to the library on Tuesday, students will be armed with a list of genres to consider, as well as some topics to look for if they are stuck. They can also add books to their "wishlist" if something isn't available, or they have too many to choose from. Our students are limited to three books at a time.

We will also do the bulletin board activity, "What Will You Write About Reading?" On the way out the door, students will have to write one positive sentence about reading. The rules are as follows: it must be in a complete sentence, and only in six words. They also must sign their name at the end as the author.

For example:
Reading ignites a passion within me. -Mrs. White
I read to discover new worlds. -Mrs. White

These will go up on the black paper around the "book"

I'm excited to have these up for open house on Thursday!

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Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Love your ideas about reading! I especially like the idea of having students keep a "wish list" so they can have ideas for future books. Thanks for sharing! :)


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