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Post-It Chart LOL

Day 2 done, and successful. Today we reviewed procedures, did the ISN introduction, the Edmodo walkthrough, and worked on writing territories in my LA2 class. 

On another note, I think my classroom is melting. It's just...slimy...is the best way to describe it. Instead of hot and humid, it's COLD and HUMID. I didn't even know that was possible. All of my posters are kind of wet, my books are curling up, and even my bookshelves are warping!
At least they look like they're smiling. :)

One of the casualties today. :(

Ok- Here are our post it charts, some with post-its still and some without. I was so happy to see most students saying help with books, it makes my heart soar :)

They really were thoughtful and I felt like their answers were honest and really good! WWTW stands for Word Within the Word, which is the morpheme/stem program we use in ET.

Here's what they looked like with post-its still.

I love this one. By the end of the day it said Creative, Fun, Clean, and Exciting :)

Here are some of the ones from yesterday that were too funny not to share.

What Will Mrs. White Need to Do To Help You This Year?

make me read! (because ain't nobody got time for that.)

Teach me how to dougie.

Make me pasta (or ravioli)

 What should students in our class be doing to make sure it runs smoothly?

Our classroom should be ____________ everyday.

Out crazy with mind pain that will torture your eyes

Scrumpsious (sp) 

Verbally Insane

A reign of terror

Oh my gosh, some of these just make me laugh out loud. You can tell that the "Yellow" and "Blue" classes are the spunkiest :)

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


  1. We did this activity too, AND we did the writing territories. I was extremely pleased with both activities and I think the kids enjoyed them, too!!!!!!

    1. Awesome! We are on the same track :) Did you do the writing survey too?

  2. I am planning on doing this activity next week too. But what are writing territories?

    1. The Writing Territories are from Nancie Atwell's Lessons that Change Writers. Basically, the students write down a ton of topics they could talk about, based on different prompts. :)

  3. Is it sad that some of my high schoolers' handwriting looks like that?!? LOL

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

    1. Well these are almost high schoolers, so no, lol! :) It's kind of scary, I think of the book Matched, where everyone forgets how to write!!

  4. Very interesting, We start on Monday and did each class answer all the questions? And did they use the same color by period? BTW.....DAMP RID..The moisture in my room is destroying everything. I went and bought three, it took about three days to really notice the difference, well worth the money spent!


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