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Happy Saturday! The big TpT sale starts tomorrow!!

Short and sweet Saturday!

First Up:

This Sunday and Monday, individual sellers are having sales, and TpT is giving a promo code: BTS13 for an additional 10% off! Visit my store here!!!

I officially go back on Monday, so I've been spending some time fixing up the house and finishing the last couple of things on my to do list.


I like to organize. You may have noticed, lol.

Last year, we had the great closet disaster of 2012, in which my entire closet collapsed while hanging up clothes.

It was horrible.

My side was (kind of) spared, but I still took the opportunity to get the entire Martha Stewart organizing system from Home Depot! It took me about two days, but I hung up the entire closet, all by myself!

Since then, I've gradually been stuffing more and more things in to my new and beautiful closet, and it was just getting to be too much!

While the hubster was working late on Friday, I organized my closet by outfit, and purged THREE BINS full of clothes. No wonder I could never find anything to wear, I just had too much stuff crammed in the closet!

Here's what it looked like before-

This was just the bottom rack

And after!

I feel so much more prepared for the school year, and it will be so much easier to get dressed in the morning!

I finally figured out my bulletin board, and I'm really excited with how it turned out! I also hung up my Classroom Library Rules, but I'm pretty sure when I get in on Monday they will have fallen on the floor. Do you guys have that problem with things sticking to white boards and cinder blocks? I've tried command strips, mavalus tape, everything! I will take ANY suggestions!

I'm going to have students put up a post it or a card with something positive about reading, Six Word Memoir style. I will have students do this as part of our library orientation and reading interest inventory lesson!

Finally, after seeing how to make your own Desktop at The Organized Classroom Blog I decided to make my own! It was super easy!! 

Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Soooooo jealous of your closet!!!!!!

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  2. Hi. I have the same issues with sticking things to the brick walls (especially because mine are exterior walls so the temperature changes often). The best solution is hot glue. It holds things all year long and peels right off when you're done. No damage at all!


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