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Day 5...Working from home :)

Things I have learned about myself in the past 24 hours:

  1. If I feel under pressure, I will work obsessively until something is finished. Case in point, I stayed up till 3am working on my last two classes. I finished one, and am 3/4 of the way through the other. I gave myself tiny pep talks around 2am, such as...finish this chapter, and you can have a Diet Coke. 
    I also had to start rechecking my answers, because I was convinced I was typing in gibberish.

  2. I wanted to make sure I was done before 3:07 am. Thanks, The Conjuring.


     3.  I'm now hooked on New Girl, despite me despising it from afar for so long.

So I did NOT go to school, and I am proud of myself for not stressing about it too much. Instead, I finally worked on my pièce de résistance for my reading bulletin board. Looking at it right now, it doesn't look like much, but it will!!


I took some of the best reading quotes I could find, and wrote them as if these were pages in a book. I'm going to fasten it so that it's slightly three dimensional. I'm really hoping my "vision" looks as good on my board as it does in my head...

My Vistaprint order came!! (psst... if you use the link to the left, you will get $10 off your order!)

Up first, new flash drive!

New set of pens...I feel guilty that I've kind of ditched the owls, but I am obsessed with everything teal, black, and green right now! Gotta go with my heart :)

Here's the stamp I was talking about last week!

And my favorite items this year... Instead of doing the 40 book challenge, I felt that the best incentive to read was not only the joy of reading, but getting to read more books, for free!

And my incentive for The Word Within the Word this year is to give students who achieve mastery on 5 tests to get a week off from WWTW assignments. 

That's it for me for today, I have to make a dessert for a BBQ tonight and hit the gym. Enjoy the weekend everyone! :)


  1. Cool ideas! Love the pens, stamps, everything!!!

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  2. Love the Vistaprint idea-did you customize the stamp yourself? I use stamps obsessively in jr. high!

    1. Yes! and....it was free :) PLUS, use this link and get an extra $10 off! $10 off at Vistaprint


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