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Day 4, and time for the Weekend!

I will not go in to work tomorrow.
I will not go in to work tomorrow.
I will not go in to work tomorrow.
I will not  probably not go in to work tomorrow. 
I will NOT go in to work tomorrow.

Ok..now that I'm done talking to myself, here's what I did today!

A lot of people were in today, so it was nice catching up with everyone, and hearing how the PLC Conference went!

As I type this I'm watching New Girl for the first time, and I have the dress she wears in the Pilot episode!

 It's ok so far, I am not a fan of the cadence of her voice, but I'm a weirdo. So...there you have it. :)

On to the classroom! If you are a fan Steven Layne, I learned about the Golden Recommendation Shelf from him about 4 years ago. These are my picks to start the school year!

I added my No Assignment Forms today, and wanted a non-blurry picture of this area :) I also hung up my Whole Brain Teaching rules.

I have been toying with the idea of this Bazinga board after seeing it on 4mulafun, so I printed out this sign, and it's in my "To Laminate" pile. I still have to decide what exactly I'm going to do with it, but that's ok.

Next thing crossed off on my to-do list...listing my expenses. Ugh. I got this form from A Modern Teacher last year, but I'm not liking the outcome. I have spent FAR too much money already this year. I must stop!

Next, and this is HUGE for me. My entire learning wall is open and empty. It is SUCH a good feeling! In my 4 years in my old classroom, this was always the pile-up area. Even the box in the lower right corner is empty! I don't know what I'll put in the white bins on top, but thanks to my friend, Tiffany, for donating them to me from her classroom :) 

These areas will be for students to store their ISN's, and the blue bins will be to turn in homework and assignments.

 Hung up my Give Peace a Chance poster from IKEA, along with my missing papers area :)

I decided this little bookshelf will house my "best-loved series" books, including all my Harry Potter and Rick Riordan books!

Here's my teacher area, got my curriculum clipped to my organizer :)

Here's a close up!

So I somehow lost my "Where our Class is" little signs in the move, so I took the opportunity to update and reprint them. This was of course AFTER I ripped apart my classroom trying to find them, and ended up purging A TON of materials and old bulletin board materials that I left out in the hallway to be picked through. You can get the updated version with a Computer Lab sign for free here at my TpT store! Remember, my store is on sale right now through tomorrow!! :)

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