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Day 3!

I was on a roll today!

After the disaster of yesterday, I was ready to go in today with some gusto, hoping that I can take the rest of the week off to enjoy the dwindling days of summer!

Bella was VERY unhappy with me leaving today. Every time I went to the car, she went running out with me, jumping in the front seat. I wish I could take her with, but I'm pretty sure that's a no-no at our school.

Yesterday I went hunting for small pockets to put on my board, and then I spotted these in my office! I figured these photo envelopes were the perfect size, so I covered them with glittery scrapbook paper and voila!

This is the finished area! I overlapped blue and white border, and decided that as much as I don't like how it wrinkles, free beats wrinkles any day of the week. 

Finished bulletin board. I don't know why it's blurry :( The right side shows the photo envelopes!

I printed out some labels with the Silhouette for my drawers, my font of choice this year is KG Luck of the Irish. You can download it free here!

I used my Silhouette to cut out the Today Is... after I saw it on Pinterest! Hung up my bell schedule from last year, along with my classroom rules canvas!

I love this area of the room, all of the classroom textbooks are in one place, and easy to access!

Found this Be Free poster at Target, and thought it was fitting as students leave my room :)

Bulletin board is up, but there was no white paper in the paper cart, which put a damper on my plans. I will have to go out and get some poster board to finish up this creation. Eventually I want to get little book stands to showcase the books I have on top of the bookcases.

This took me the longest today! Since I teach 4 preps, I decided to use two boards this year, left for 7th grade, and right for 8th grade.

Again I used the Silhouette to cut out the vinyl, and I had a hard time getting it to stick. I busted in to my first aid kit, grabbed some alcohol wipes and that did the trick! I used black on the top, and grey for the class names. The tape is Washi tape from Office Max, and it is SOOO much easier to use than Mavalus tape. It didn't bunch up on itself, and it was so easy to reposition!

Here's the 8th grade board!

Close up of the tape and the vinyl. I like the pattern in the blue!

I am really hoping not to go in tomorrow, I'm going to make my to-do list and then decide if it's necessary or not. We report back the 19th, with kids on the 21st!


  1. Hi Jen, I found your blog through Pinterest, and I'm so glad that I did...what a great classroom. Just wondering what you are going to use the photo envelope pockets for? I'm just getting my classroom organized too, so hopefully I'll have photos up in the next week. I'd love to have you visit me at mrsvanhekken.blogspot.com

    1. I am going to use them for my No Assignment Forms (which is on my TPT site as a freebie right now, and for our CICO (it's a behavior management system for certain students). Since they are half or quarter sheets, they should fit right in! Thanks for stopping by, and I will definitely visit!

  2. hi! Id like to congratulate you on such a brilliant organization. Also, I'd like to ask how I could order your classroom rules chart, please. Thanks in advance.


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