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REALLY Late Monday Made it #4 and a Tip!

Here's my REALLY late Monday Made it #4. I made this sign for my husband's office at school, he LOVES the Keep Calm and Carry On signs, so I used his schools logo at the top :)

This week FLEW by!! We go back to school on Monday, and I spent three days last week attending the PLC Conference in Lincolnshire, IL. I spent the rest of the week making some crafts for my BFF's baby shower! I'm going to post those for my Monday Made it next week, but I wanted to share a quick tip with everyone before I consume myself in curriculum work for the rest of the weekend!

Here's my tip. You should invite me to your parties. Why??? Because I will take home your garbage for you!! Yes I know it sounds weird, but stay with me...

People probably thought I was crazy when I offered to take the garbage home...but have you guessed why I did it yet??

Here's why!

Look at this haul!! Do you ever stop to think how much tissue paper, ribbon (nice ribbon) and stuff gets thrown away when we are opening gifts??

It may require you to swallow your pride a little bit, but for me, I had no problem asking my BFF if I could take her garbage home, no shame!! 

P.S. The ribbon that comes with Buy, Buy, Baby presents is SOO NICE!!

So next time you're at a party, if you feel comfortable, take home those bags with all the wrapping paper scraps. It doesn't take long to sort through, fold up the tissue paper, and be totally ready for ANY occasion!

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