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Back to School and Monday Made It!

So today was officially my first day back at school. No kiddos till Wednesday, so just meetings today and tomorrow. I was honestly ready to go back. Today I even felt like I had slept in, since I was up at five last week to travel to the conference. I think I can do this!!

Ok, onto my Monday Made It!!

This is NOT school related, but I have to share it with you all anyway. My BFF had her baby shower this past weekend, so I decided to make her gifts, and warned her that I would not  be buying anything off her registry. I think she was ok with it. 

So here goes...

Not the gift, but it was my first time making a card with my silhouette and I loved the way it turned out. Sorry it's sideways, I'm feeling too lazy tonight to fix it!

I even made the envelope with the silhouette, how awesome is that??

Gift #1

These little boards were on sale at Michael's, and I thought it would be great to put her baby shower cards in there so she could keep them out. I saw this idea on Pinterest (I think) so I went to work! Her colors are blue, grey, and I threw in the brown because I thought it was cute.

Put the date of the shower on the back so they could remember!

Gift #2

She had seen my rules poster and liked it, so I made her this sign to hang in the nursery. She's a huge fan of Dr. Seuss so I found this fitting. Love this line!

Gift #3: A Tooth Fairy Kit!

Bought the door and hardware at Hobby Lobby and went to work painting!

You hang it on the wall somewhere so the Tooth Fairy can get in!

Tiny card to hold the tooth

Bought this vial in Galena and filled it with various glitter colors :)

Little vellum envelope, also bought in Galena!

I wrote up a little instructional sheet for them to follow too :)

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Your tooth fairy envelope is so cool. I am your newest follower. I would love to have you stop by my blog and enter to win a laminator!


    1. I will definitely stop by! Thanks for visiting :)


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