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2 Days Down!

So I started back at school yesterday, and it was really awesome!! Now that school is back in full swing I doubt I will be posting as much, but I'm going to try and stay on top of it. Look for a post this weekend about the activities I did in my class this week, as well as information on RIGOR, which was my favorite new term that I learned at the PLC conference. Anyone else gone back to school? How is it going so far?? Tomorrow is Friday, have a GREAT rest of the week!

Back to School and Monday Made It!

So today was officially my first day back at school. No kiddos till Wednesday, so just meetings today and tomorrow. I was honestly ready to go back. Today I even felt like I had slept in, since I was up at five last week to travel to the conference. I think I can do this!! Ok, onto my Monday Made It !! This is NOT school related, but I have to share it with you all anyway. My BFF had her baby shower this past weekend, so I decided to make her gifts, and warned her that I would not  be buying anything off her registry. I think she was ok with it.  So here goes... Not the gift, but it was my first time making a card with my silhouette and I loved the way it turned out. Sorry it's sideways, I'm feeling too lazy tonight to fix it! I even made the envelope with the silhouette, how awesome is that?? Gift #1 These little boards were on sale at Michael's, and I thought it would be great to put her baby shower cards in there so she could keep th

REALLY Late Monday Made it #4 and a Tip!

Here's my REALLY late Monday Made it #4. I made this sign for my husband's office at school, he LOVES the Keep Calm and Carry On signs, so I used his schools logo at the top :) This week FLEW by!! We go back to school on Monday, and I spent three days last week attending the PLC Conference in Lincolnshire, IL. I spent the rest of the week making some crafts for my BFF's baby shower! I'm going to post those for my Monday Made it next week, but I wanted to share a quick tip with everyone before I consume myself in curriculum work for the rest of the weekend! Here's my tip. You should invite me to your parties. Why??? Because I will take home your garbage for you!! Yes I know it sounds weird, but stay with me... People probably thought I was crazy when I offered to take the garbage home...but have you guessed why I did it yet?? Here's why! Look at this haul!! Do you ever stop to think how much tissue paper, ribbon (nice ribbon) and stuff


Sorry I've been MIA! I've been at the PLC conference this week which ends tomorrow! I'll share lots of good stuff, and post my late :( Monday made it soon! Hope everyone is having a great week. One week till students for us!

Almost Ready!

I think I am almost  done with my room, I just need to finish up my owls and an "about Mrs. White" board, but I'm quickly running out of space! Today was my last day to be in my classroom before school starts because I'll be at the PLC conference Monday through Wednesday next week and I'm determined to enjoy and relax my last two days of break. You might be sick of seeing pics of my classroom, but let me take you on a tour... Outside the room: Come on inside! Sign out board right next to the door On the other side, my no name clothespins, I actually like them better without the board! Close up, I did three, one for each of the types of classes I'm teaching, I used the heavy duty outdoor tape with the red strip on one side, it's amazing! I also use Mauvelous tape to hang all my posters because it doesn't mess up the back. Next to my no assignment and no name clothespins is my bookcase with all of my dictionaries, notice t