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Quick Rant...

Maybe I'm getting old...or I'm commenting too much on blogs, but I HATE the word verification things!

Sometimes I can barely even read them! I'm not a robot, why would a robot be commenting on a Monday Made It?? Argh.

Does this annoy anyone else? :)


  1. Are you aware that you have the word verification thing turned on here as well? I'm guessing no because why would you comment on your own blog? I agree with you though, I loathe them. Often I can't read the word right and I can't get my comment to post after multiple attempts, so I give up. I sure hope it works this time.

    1. Now that just figures, lol! I was actually thinking as I posted this, "hmm..I hope mine doesn't do that." I'm going to go figure out how to change it right now!! Thanks for the heads up :)


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