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Monday Made It #3

Ok, so this might not be my best or most crafty post, but I had to take Bella to the vet so my time was cut short today :)

Today my Monday Made It is my classroom!

Before, boring, bland, ugh.
Hauling everything in was...fun. Let's just say I'm glad no one was watching as my bookcases fell over at least 3 times, including on me. There was one casualty, my clothespin no name thing snapped in half. So much for a free find! :(

You can see my layout from last year with my classroom library nook on the left.

Love my large whiteboards, and notice our newly installed projectors in the ceilings! 

Floors are clean!

A friend's little boy snuck in this pic :) You can see all my bookcases on my pathetic excuse for a rolling cart!

After...again, I couldn't get a ton done because I had to take Bella to the vet. Just a sprain, phew!!

I moved my bookcase from my reading nook down, and the other side will be my Nancie Atwell inspired writing center! I'm short two desks, so my layout isn't totally complete, AND, I forgot my screwdriver, so I couldn't put my bookcases together today :(

Reading nook!

Table for my writing center

Shot of the other side, I moved my large black bookcase in front of my garage door, along with my teacher desk

Put a larger student desk at the front for me, hoping they don't take it away!

These small tables were actually props I used in High School Musical, Jr. and were Wildcat red. I quick coat of paint and they match my room! The owl is my suggestion box :)

I finished my exit slip board! The top will say, "Wise Words" I LOVE that our bulletin boards are wood, except when there is a knot and the stapler freaks out on me and doesn't want to staple!

Close up of my "teacher" desk area

My real teacher area, I pushed my desk up against the door, even though I was really looking forward to decorating the front of it. Oh well!

More pics to come tomorrow, I found my screwdriver and I will be back at school to put the bookcases together tomorrow!


  1. Super cute! I would absolutely love that big window into the hall! (or, would I?lol...) I have 8th grade...Language Arts...
    Just went to room for 1st time today. I don't know why in the world I waited so long. Hope to get lots done tomorrow! I saw that your blog is on teaching blog central...and wanted to stop and say hello! Be well!

    Ann Marie Smith @ Innovative Connections

    1. It's a garage door... I have a love/hate relationship with it. It's awesome to be able to open it and let some air in when it's super hot (it's like a terrarium in my room sometimes) but my 8th graders get REALLY distracted as they seem to always have to wave and say hi to each other EVERY time they see a friend, and it can be really loud when the 6th and 7th graders are going to lunch :) I do get to see what's going on at all times in the hall though!

      Today was the first day we could get in rooms and I literally couldn't sleep last night I was so excited...nerd alert! Thanks for coming by!

  2. Wow, you did a great job! Where did you find the owls and owl border for your exit slip board? I'd like to use those in my classroom. I'm going with an owl theme this year. Once again, you did a fabulous job.

    1. I actually made the owls after seeing similar ones on pinterest. I made them using Keynote for Mac and they took forever! I found the border at The Chalkboard :) Thank you! I have lots more owls coming in too, more pics tomorrow! :)

  3. Love the exit slip board idea! I have never done an owl theme before and this year I am doing it for the first time. I like your "Wise Owl" saying!
    - Michele

    1. Thank you! I haven't done one before, and I'm eager to see how middle schoolers do with it!

  4. I love seeing your reading nook! I am in a new room this year and don't really have a corner to use for reading. I've been trying to figure out what to do--and now I know! Thanks for the inspiration!


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