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I'm heading in to work tomorrow to set up my classroom (we don't go back till the 13th) and I'm so excited!! I have so much stuff to bring in thanks to all you crafty bloggers and Monday Made Its that I don't know how I am going to fit it all into the boot of my MINI!!

In other news, I had to put my Monday Made It #3 on hold for a bit to take care of the sicky in our house...

This is Bella, my little buddy, and the sweetest Cavalier King Charles in the world!! (at least to me) She must have pulled a muscle or something in her shoulder because she hasn't been her usually jumpy and lovey self, so I heated up my bed buddy for 30 seconds to try and help her out :( If she isn't doing better tomorrow my classroom may be on hold to take her to the vet.

Here's what she usually looks like, our lazy puppy :)

Want to see more Bella? Check out this YouTube video I made of her :)

Look for LOTS of pictures tomorrow of my classroom!! :)

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