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Classroom in Progress: Management Stuff

Classroom Management and ISN!

I went a little Mod Podge crazy decorating my Interactive Student Notebook: Teacher Edition :)

So I printed 5 of each color owl (6 total) to make seating chart cards. My idea is to pass these out to students on their first or second day, and they will need to find their seat based on the color of their owl. I used glossy business cards that I had laying around.

This idea came from Jack of All Trades and I am so thankful for this! I used the CHAMPS No Assignment Form on a very regular basis for the past two years, but it was a pain sometimes to keep track of the half sheets. This puts it all in one place, and every student is in one binder! We run a Homework Lunch (ZAP) at our school, and we have to submit who is missing homework each week. This will be a great way to stay organized with it!

I created these instructions to suit the needs of my classroom...

I modified this sheet as well. I added a few columns such as a space for when it was turned in, and gave reason codes to enter for not doing it. I also included a space for me to use and mark off when I check it in so students are aware it is in the grade book.
Here are the A-Z tabs that were recommended!

Currently I'm working on a "Wise Words" Exit Slip board using my owl decorations...

Here's a digital picture of what I'm hoping for!
I bought two metallic blue poster boards to affix these to after I laminate, and a bunch of velcro strips to put on the owls. The idea is that each student (since I teach 6 periods a day) will get a laminated card like this one:

They will write their name on the back in permanent marker, and when they leave each day they will stick their card on their owl. For example, they might be number 4 at the Green Owl table, so they would put it there. I'm hoping it works out, I'll post pics when I'm done cutting and laminating :)


  1. can I ask where you got your graphic for the seating chart cards? the owls are darling!


    1. I actually saw something similar and then created my own in Keynote so I could tweak them a bit :) Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Thank you! So many great ideas!

  4. Late work last year made me crazy! I may try this idea. Thanks!


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