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Technology to Integrate

I have found so many different ideas on the internet that I would love to use in my classroom, but I always seem to run out of time or forget about them! Below are some of my favorite online tools that I would like to integrate into my classroom in the upcoming school year:

Delicious- My main goal for this year is to have students use delicious in order to save websites for a research project. They can even link their visual aids or videos to their stack  and have one place to look when they come back to write their paper or presentation.

Prezi- I had a few students use prezi this year as an alternative to power point, but I would like to do a prezi only project this year for a group project. My thought is to have them do a "connectivism" type activity at the beginning of the year and present it as a group using prezi. The open layout of prezi makes it really easy to create webs and graphs!

Google Groups- I set up a google group last year, but unfortunately never had time to implement it. This is a great online discussion board that students can use to collaborate on projects and share information and help each other with assignments and papers. It's also a great way for students to communicate with me!

Google Calendar- I use Google Calendar pretty heavily, and I like that students and parents will be able to see exactly what is coming up for the entire year on my Google site. They can even see which grammar or vocabulary lesson they miss if they are absent.

Blogging- This is my "must do" for the school year. I have always wanted to have students post their own reviews to books as a "guest blogger" on our classroom website. My plan is to pick one student each week to post their own review for a book to our class site so everyone can see their opinion!

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