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Classroom Activities

This is more of a writing activity, but I figured I would publish the story my class wrote today as a parody of My Brother Dan's Delicious  by Steven Layne . It is called, How to Survive an Alien Invasion The story was created using the Story Patch app for the iPad. We had it on the projector and students were able to watch as their story came to life. Very cool app!

It's Monday Book Review Time!

If you are looking for a book to keep you up at night, this is the one! Over spring break, I took my mother to Barnes and Noble and demanded she buy Life as We Knew It  and The Dead and the Gone  and I wanted her to start reading them immediately. Here are a few things that have changed in my life since reading this book: I went to our town's website and downloaded their emergency preparedness plan, complete with recommendations on what to buy weekly to have enough food to survive in an emergency. Every time we have weird or severe weather I assume that something terrible is going to happen. I have dreams at least once a week that something has happened to the moon, stars, etc... and we are trying to survive. I talk about this book incessantly and push it into as many hands as possible. Written by Susan Beth Pfeffer , Life as We Knew It  is the story of what happens to the world when a meteor pushes the moon closer to Earth. What happens? Chaos. The climate of the world chan