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5 Authors I Think You Should Know More About:
  1. Neal Shusterman
  2. Susan Beth Pfeffer
  3. Suzanne Collins
  4. Scott Westerfeld
  5. Suzanne Weyn
All of these authors have written YA Dystopian Fiction that students LOVE! A couple of highlights from each author.

Neal Shusterman- Unwind-See my review from Monday about this one!

Susan Beth Pfeffer-Life as We Knew It Series. This trilogy will creep you out and have you stocking up for the end of the world. You will also question every major natural disaster and look at the moon a little differently after reading this one!

Suzanne Collins-If you don't know Suzanne Collins you are probably living under a rock. The Hunger Games trilogy is absolutely fantastic. The Hunger Games just recently one the Rebecca Caudill Illinois statewide vote with 10,013 votes. This was a win by a margin of about 7,000 votes!

Scott Westerfeld- Wrote the Uglies series. Great description and great voice in his writing!

Suzanne Weyn- Actually made the list even though I *gasp* abandoned The Bar Code Tattoo! I'm planning to give this one another shot over the summer, I'm hoping I was just too busy to get into it. Her newest book, Empty, looks pretty exciting!


  1. My students have been loving The Bar Code Tattoo. I prefer Empty, and am eager to see what else Weyn comes out with.

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