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Cold Day!

Out here in Chicagoland, we are off today for cold temperatures. This is a blessing a curse, as the last half of the school year gets crazy, and every single day is valuable and vital for teaching! This quarter in 8th grade, we focus on

We are starting off our non-fiction study with a focus on Women's Suffrage and studying Susan B. Anthony's speech as well as a counter argument. All of this will culminate in an argumentative paper and writer's workshop at the end of the quarter. To prepare my students to read "On Woman's Right to Suffrage", I gathered a short history from Scholastic:

Then I created a Vital Vocabulary sheet which my students did in small groups with dictionaries yesterday.
Tomorrow we will do a non-fiction close reading together on both the speech and the counter argument.

I want my students to come away seeing that even though Women's Rights seems like a given now, there were arguments against it from other women! We are going to evaluate the arguments for and against together as a class, and then complete this awesome strategy I found through a Notice and Note group on Facebook called Really??? I'm embedding the SlideShare presentation so you can check it out yourself from Kylene Beers

And...I finally uploaded my second set of Grammar Anchor Charts to TpT! These focus on Serial Commas, Basket Commas, and Comma Magnets, and have the Invitation to Write and Edit sheets included! Using Jeff Anderson's Mechanically Inclined to guide my grammar instruction this year has really transformed my teaching, and I love seeing my students recognize these rules while they read and write! We only focused on Commas for the first half of the year in seventh grade, which seems crazy right? However, because we were doing writing along with it, everything was embedded, and the grammar instruction wasn't forced. I was ability to integrate these lessons in with the focus for the quarter, whether it was non-fiction narrative or argumentative. I can honestly say that I love teaching grammar now!


  1. I like the alliteration with "Vital Vocabulary"...much more interesting than "words you need to know" or "vocab list"...nice job! :)
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