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The Dreaded "To-Do" List

It's that time again...

Two weeks from today I will be back at work, gearing up for students to start on the 20th! We just got back yesterday from a whirlwind road trip to the east coast and back, and it was amazing and totally refreshing. Now it's unfortunately back to reality, but I can't say I was lazy this summer, or that I worked too hard, so I'm satisfied with how I spent the summer.

Favorite part of the trip? Hanging out in Cambridge :)

I always have to start off by doing a to-do list before I jump into stuff. Here is my mess of a list...

- Make a list of everything to bring to school to move-in
- Syllabus
- Grading Information Handouts
- Update school website
- Update Weebly
- Make list of technology using this year
- Plan 7th Grade LA1 Units
- Plan 8th Grade LA1 Units
- Make list of copies to make
- Plan bulletin boards
- Sort ALL files on computer and external harddrive
- Make list of posters to print and vistaprint items to order (signature stamp)
- To do list for "crafty" things to do in classroom (paint bookcases with chalkboard paint, wallpaper back of bookcases, etc...)
- Sort through pinterest links, facebook likes, and bookmarks for ideas
- Go through planner from last year for random notes and reminders
- Send curriculum to principal and department
- Genius Hour Handouts and Information
- Vinyl Cutouts for drawers
- Jeff Anderson Anchor Charts and Grammar Exercises
- 7th Grade LA2 Units
- Clean House, focus on office
- Purge and Organize Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Makeup, etc...

Now...what to start with? What's on your to-do list?

Also, I'm joining in on the TpT back to school sale, so drop by and check it out! 

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