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Back to School Eve...

I'm feeling kind of "ugh" tonight about tomorrow...

I guess for me it's just that I want this to be the best school year ever.
I want that every year.
I want my students to get every piece of knowledge and life experience that they are supposed to in middle school.
I want them to love learning and growing.
I want them to enjoy themselves, and feel like walking into my classroom every day is an opportunity, not a chore or a waste of time.
I want them to know that I truly care about them, and that I want them to succeed.
I want the parents to know that I work hard to make my classroom a place that will challenge and nurture successes and failures.
I want to make sure that I am providing what I can to my co-workers, both as a department chair and a colleague.
I want to not fall behind on blogging, because I LOVE collaborating with people all over through this amazing medium made possible by technology.
I want to not forget anything, and I want to keep my ducks in a row, especially since I'm being evaluated with the new Danielson model this year.
Selfishly, I want to make my life easier by being organized, and having everything in its place so that I can find things quickly and efficiently.
I want to ease my own anxiety by planning ahead, so that I can go home at night and relax and enjoy time with my husband and Bella.
Mostly, I want to go home and feel that I have made a difference, otherwise what's the point?

I want a lot of things, and I don't feel bad for wanting them. I don't feel that it is selfish or greedy. My whole life, other than my family, is this job career calling. I don't know if it will ever not be that, because maybe that was the plan all along.

And finally, I want all of you who are starting school soon, or have already started, to also have the best year ever.

Allons-y! :)



  1. I was feeling much of that last night too. I hope your first day back was great!

    1. It did end up being great! I feel like my to-do list just keeps growing instead of shrinking, but that's typical :) Did you go back today?


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