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Sweats Day!

Sweats day was the best EVER!! Day 2 of testing done, and tomorrow is crazy socks day. I didn't get my pic today of my sweats because I went straight from rehearsal to the gym to mass. Phew!

I laminated my "Oh What a Week" sheets today, so I'll take pics tomorrow of what I'm doing with them, I'm pretty excited!

Also, I'm getting ready for our second round of Writer's Workshop so I'll take process pics tomorrow as I'm setting everything up! :)

I gave myself a curfew for technology of 9pm during Lent this year, so that I could "unplug" and connect with Tony more, and work less. I find myself typing incredibly fast right now so I can get this in before my deadline, lol! The difficult part is that my students are often up asking me for help sometimes past ten, so I let them know that I'm unplugging for a bit, but left out the "lent" part for obvious reasons. Have a great evening everyone, hopefully this will give me more time to sleep!


  1. I nominated you for a Liebster. Check it out on my blog!

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  2. Hi Jen! I found your blog as I was looking for classroom set up ideas. I've enjoyed reading through your posts. I'm going to start my first year teaching full time this August, and your site is certainly inspiring. I hope you continue writing.


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