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ISN Series: Keeping it Organized!

Today I'm going to focus on how to keep the ISN organized!

For me, I have a lot of things I have to keep straight since I run three different sets of notebooks among my classes!

First I have my binder, where I keep an updated table of contents for each class, along with "master" copies to use for the future and to make copies. In addition to these, I have the pages also glued into my notebook that stays in the classroom as a model for students.

Second, and new this year, I found this awesome folder at target that has three pockets, which is perfect! I put any copies I need to make for the week there so I'm not hunting all over for them. When I'm done making copies, these go in the binder.

I labeled each pocket to keep everything straight!

I also keep copies in folders on my desktop for easy access.

For students, I keep assignments in a few different places. First, I upload ALL handouts to our google site for students to access if they lose it. Whenever I create a printable for the notebook, I save a copy as a PDF with the page number as the first part of the file name. For example, the Objective Summary Model would be labeled 9ObjectiveSummaryModel so students know how to find it. Making the pdf as I go makes life so much easier. 
Also, I keep a running table of contents above all of these downloads so students can double check their table of contents. This is especially helpful if students are absent, or fall a bit behind when we are updating things. 

 When we do notes in class, even if they are handwritten in the notebook, I type them as we go so students can see it on the projector, and then I upload that as well. These are the notes we did today in class. To keep things clear for students, anything written in BLACK should be copied exactly. Anything written in GREEN is a direction for practice work.

I feel that having this information available online, as well as in the classroom version of the ISN is incredibly important in keeping students organized, and interested!

Questions? Comments? :)


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