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New Obsession!

First, congrats to Lisa and Jennifer for winning my first giveaway!!! I was so excited I had to pick two winners! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Just when I thought I was finished, I found an old to-do list in my notes on my iPhone, and realized I needed a new classroom rules poster. This took me of course to trusty Keynote (Power Point for Mac), where I made these...

I liked the blue, but I wasn't a fan of the fonts I had, so I went to dafont.com and downloaded a bunch of new ones!

I ultimately decided on the green, because I have a blue border on my bulletin board, so I thought it would pop! better. I went online to find a place to print them, and I couldn't believe how expensive it was! Around $60 at Kinko's, and then I thought, I'll check Walgreens... less than $20 and only an hour later, and I had this!

It's great quality, a great price, and was ready in an hour. How much better can it get? I have been busy trying to decide what other posters I can make now, lol! 

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