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Making a Dent...

Happy Monday!

On this gloomy day, I decided to head back to school to load-in all of my stuff into a new classroom and begin to get things ready for the school year! I had so hoped to get all of my things in and done today, but because of the rain it ended up taking forever to get everything out of my car and in my classroom. It's amazing how long it takes to get everything ready!

Here's what I walked in to:

So boring!! And those boxes and tupperware bins at the back, ALL books from my classroom library, that have to be re-shelved, UGH!!

Here's what I finished today:

As soon as you walk in, I have my supplies, and this will become an information area about the class when I finish the bulletin board.

My desk area

I love having my bench bookcased by...bookcases! Hopefully I can fill these up tomorrow!

Close up of the supplies area, I got the bins at Target, and the white storage set from IKEA.

Classroom library area. I can't wait to do a fun reading bulletin board over here!

Hung up my t-shirts around the clock, I have no idea why I never utilized that space before!

This will become the "project area" I don't know where the long table came from, but I am grateful!

Stools and chalkboard/whiteboard from IKEA. I will be using these for shared inquiry!

I also found out today, that while I thought I was good to go at MA+45, I still have ONE MORE CLASS to take and it has to be done by September 1st! Yikes!! So off I went to LaVerne University, and I signed up for a class on the Holocaust. I'm so excited, but now I have TWO to finish, and I'm panicking just a little bit!

I'm off to Office Max and IKEA to pick up a few more things, and then going back tomorrow!


  1. I really like your storage bin from Ikea, and the cute colors! :) Good luck getting the rest of your room ready.

  2. Where did you get the table cloth? Love!!

    1. I got it at Target about 2 years ago, but I bet they still have something similar! :)


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