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Day 2...

I felt so unproductive today!! I got in to my room, and immediately had a headache. I think I'm allergic to school right now. :)

After spending about 2 hours unpacking boxes of books, I realized 1. I have too many books, and 2. I didn't calculate how long it would take me to unpack a classroom since I've never moved before.

I had great intentions to organize the books by theme, but by the end I was just shoving books on shelves, promising to do it later... I am planning to put "spotlight" books from different genres on the tops of each bookcase, as well as keeping my golden recommendation shelf!

The large black bookcase will house my books that are in a series, since most of my hardcovers won't fit in the small bookshelves.

After dropping an entire stack of books, mostly hardcovers, off my cart, I went to lunch with one of my amazing colleagues (whose blog you can read right here), and them came back to tackle my bulletin board!

I went to Chalkboard after school and bought white and teal border to overlap, and I need to add some smaller pockets for other handouts. I also have a shelf to put extra paper and supplies. Hopefully, this will all be finished tomorrow! I am noticing how the paper is bunched up, and I have NO idea how to make bulletin board paper go up without wrinkling. Any tips?

I LOVE this sign that I found on Pinterest, and thought it would go perfectly with my Reference bookcase!

Missing work area

I used to hate having my desk tucked away in the corner, but now that I have an awesome view, it feels very cozy!

Yesterday I bought a bench at Target for $18, and promptly started painting it and making it my own, here's the finished product! I cut out a chevron stencil on my silhouette to mark out the chevron, and I'm contemplating either adding a clear coat or some mod podge, not sure which just yet!

I'll be back in tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be more productive!


  1. Love the Chevron stool! About the paper bunching on the bulletin board. Have you considered using cotton fabric? I like it better than paper--you can take it down and wash it in the summer and then staple it back up each year.

  2. I use cheap flat cotton sheets purchased at Wal-mart. One sheet goes a long way to cover bulletin boards. And you can get them up with no wrinkles. Good luck!


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