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Back to School Style and Giveaway!

I've never talked about what I wear to school on a daily basis, mostly because up until last year, it was whatever was clean, and fit. Now that I've spent the past six months trying to get in better shape through the gym, LB practices, and Weight Watchers, I've decided that I want to make a concerted effort to dress up nicely every day for work!

I revamped my wardrobe this summer, throwing away all my "grungy" clothes, and stocking up on staples that can be used in many different ways.

My Top Stores

1. New York and Company (they give a teacher discount every day!) I always get my staples here: black pants, pencil skirts, blouses, and then pair them with more expensive accessories. I am totally shoe and bag obsessed, and since it's just the two of us, I like to spend some of my hard earned money in my closet. :) I know they are expensive, but if you get a pair of low-heeled Manolo Blahniks, they will last forever. They send them out and resole them, many times FREE OF CHARGE. It's the shoe that keeps on giving, seriously. I'm also pretty picky about my bags. I've always been loyal to Coach, although recently I've been rocking my clearance Charming Charlie bag in mint for the summer!

2. The Red Dress Boutique: I became OBSESSED with this store over the summer. They have the cutest clothes, and I love their ballet flats!

3. Charming Charlie

4. Target: When it starts to get cold, and I want to wear one of my bazillion scarves, I always turn to my trusty Target v-necks! These always go on sale, and are great to have in the closet for layering!

5. Toms: These are some of the most comfortable shoes ever, and I just feel more dressed up wearing these than say, sneakers.

I have the original kind in a few colors, but the wedges below are on my wishlist!

*This is just my personal opinion, I am not being compensated in any way for linking to the above stores.

Here's some of my stuff in action :) I'm going to try to post my outfits frequently throughout the school year, just for fun and also to make sure I am staying dedicated to my goal!

Here's the organized closet (for now...)

Gotta have my geeky shoes for Fridays! :)

While it's still warm enough!

Working Girl

Feeling Dressy *minus those shoes

Open House?

Casual Friday?

Layered Bracelets from Charming Charlie what you've been waiting for, my FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!

This week, in honor of going back to school next week, I am giving away a custom monogrammed water bottle! You may have seen this in a previous blog post, and now you can have one of your own to stay hydrated at school in style! The winner will get a custom monogrammed water bottle, in either of the fonts shown below. The sticker is vinyl, and I would recommend hand washing, since I haven't tested mine in the dishwasher yet! Also, I will be uploading some new products this week, and I wanted to offer any product from my TpT store for free, regardless of the price!

Enter, Share, Link, Winner announced on Saturday! :)

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  1. LOVE!!! I am obsessed with Coach too and just got a new bag for school [that was my justification :)]. I have ALWAYS wanted Manolo Blahniks...just never had the guts to buy them!!! This giveaway looks awesome too :)

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

    1. Stephanie- I totally did the same thing. I just *needed* a NEW teaching bag, lol. I know they are ridiculously expensive, but I justify Manolo's in that they are the only heels I buy and wear, lol. Thanks for commenting :)

  2. I'm a layered bracelet super fan, and I'm incredibly jealous about casual Friday - we have a no jeans EVER policy, except for Spirit Week in which I wear jeans EVERY DAY just because I can. :) And leaving the house? I can't leave without my phone...I wouldn't know what to do with myself.


    1. No jeans, ever?? Wow!! I've left my phone at home before, and driven back home at the risk of being late, lol :)

  3. Love the water bottle - so cute! My must have item leaving the house is a huge to-go cup of coffee! I won't make it through homeroom without it!
    - Rachael

    1. Thanks! I also have to have coffee, that's why I brought my Keurig to school this year, I'm not messing around :) Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. I have managed to spend a little more than I should have on button-down shirts this fall. With khakis or a pencil skirt it will be my no stressed getting dressed year.

    1. Button downs and pencil skirts are such fabulous staples!


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