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Amazing Pencil Sharpener Review!

Troy at Classroom Friendly Supplies was kind enough to send me one of these AMAZING pencil sharpeners to review, and my students and I could not be more pleased!

I wish I had taken video on Friday at school, the students in my SLC class were having so much fun that when I walked back over, they had sharpened over 20 pencils!! They even offered to be my "official pencil sharpeners." Who would have thought that middle schoolers would volunteer to sharpen pencils?

Here it is!

Meet your new best friend :)

This amazing little machine runs for $24.99 and is well worth the price. It gets the pencils so sharp, and the clamp prevents students from jamming pencils into it!

Also, this machine is incredibly quiet, and it's portable. Students who are "official pencil sharpeners" can clamp it to their desk and sharpen away if they want. 

To use:

  1. Use the included clamp to secure it to any surface.
  2. Pull the metal area on the front out.
  3. Press the lever on the top and slide the pencil in.
  4. Crank away, you will know when it's done.
  5. Press the lever on top again to take your pencil out.
  6. Enjoy! :)

I made a little video to show you the machine in action!

 Thank you again to Troy for giving me the opportunity to review this awesome product and share with all of you. :)

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