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Monday Update! New Classroom Layout

So I promised to post some pics, and I thought I'd upload a whole bunch from what we've done this year! Today I'm going to focus on my classroom layout changes. I currently have them in groups for Lit. Circles, even though I am usually NOT a fan of small groups. First, my clean desk area. Usually, I have papers piled up everywhere, even underneath my desk, so I am feeling great! :)

Classroom Layout

So I started out my year with my room looking like this...

It was great in theory...but the students kept kicking the bookcases, and they quickly fell apart. To see more detailed pics, click here and here :)

So, I rearranged a bit, and I am really happy with the results!

This table houses the ISN master copies, my suggestion box, CICO box, and lost and found underneath. To the right is my "Golden Recommendation Shelf" with new and recommended books for kids to read during SSR.

I cleared out the area underneath my whiteboard, just so I could have more space for students to walk...

The surviving bookcases were moved to the middle, and now house my classroom library!

I moved both black bookcases to the other wall, and made it a space for housing novel studies

I wedged my Pinterest Bench in between, which made for a cozy reading area. In the middle the students have displayed artwork, so I call it my "Fridge"

This is the only bookcase that hasn't changed, my reference area :)

How does your classroom change throughout the year?


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