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Teacher Supply Box Finished!

This might be a record time for me, but only because I found some awesome shortcuts!

So as I was deciding what would go in my awesome Stack-Up toolbox, I found a mini sticky note cube and thought, hmm...I wonder if these will fit the small drawers? Lo and behold, they did!! So I created a quick template in Pages for Mac with a table 2X2, and typed in my labels.
You can download the template here

Then I stuck on my post-its, and voila!
To trim them I would put it in the drawer...
Fold over...
And cut!
For easy application, I applied two pieces of the CLEAR (I refuse to use the cloudy stuff!) tape on the top and bottom...
And lift the bottom piece of tape up to align it perfectly at the bottom.

To do the larger drawers, I cut card stock to fit TWO of the 2X2 squares, and used double sided tape to temporarily stick it to my white paper.

Here is the final product, I am very proud of it!

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  1. I would like to know where to get the box, too!

  2. I would like to know where to get the box, too!

  3. The stack it box is at Home Depot!

  4. I don't understand how the words were transferred. Someone help please?! Love the idea!


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