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New Teacher Bag Needed...

Ok, so I'm seriously hoping there are people out there that read this because I need your help! I recently sold my iMac and got a MacBook Pro for my birthday, so I need a new bag for school this year!

I currently use this:

It's the timbuk2 messenger bag specifically for the iPad and I love it! However, my new laptop won't fit (I've tried!) so I need to get a new bag...

I've narrowed it down to three and I need some help!

Contender #1!

I really like the Thule Crossover that's available through Apple because of the color and the fact that it's a real backpack.

Contender #2!

I don't know why it's blurry, but here's the second option. From timbuk2, this is a different style than their usual messenger bags. 

Contender #3!

This is the big version of the bag I already have from Timbuk2, but it fits my iPad AND my Macbook. 

So?? Which one should I get? They are all around the same price, but I just can't decide. Leave a comment and let me know which one you think I should go with :) Thanks!!


  1. I like the third choice because it will fit both the computer AND the iPad!


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