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My Classroom Last Year

So last year, I decided to do a "Husky" blue theme in my classroom, and for the most part I was pretty happy with it! At times I kind of feel like I'm advertising my classroom with my decor, but I really do feel that when a classroom is comfortable and a little like home that students feel more relaxed.

Now when I look at my classroom, I see tons of UNUSED space that I could have been utilizing! For example, the ceiling! Sunday I plan to take pictures of all my "creations" to post. I haven't been back in my classroom yet (they are cleaning and waxing floors right now) so nothing is in place yet. I usually let my summer be just that, but with Pinterest and all the great blogs I read I wanted to get a head start. Plus, my husband recently became an administrator, so we no longer have the summer off together, which leaves me with A LOT of free time. I think I've spent pretty much every day working on school stuff for a few hours, running out and doing errands, watching Supernatural, and then going back to working on school stuff. Right now it's been the fun and crafty stuff :) I was pretty lucky this year to have an AMAZING student teacher, which gave me a lot of time to work on my curriculum for the next year. I'm completely planned until May of 2013 for my 8th graders, so I just need to figure out all my 7th grade stuff.

How do you spend your summer? Traveling and relaxing, or do you start prepping early?

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