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Classroom in Progress: Signs

Next up, classroom signs!! 

Using my newly created owls, I went to work on making signs for various areas in my room! Some of these signs are available in my tpt store free, check it out!

These will hang from the ceiling!

I bought these whiteboards for $1 each at the Target Dollar Spot! "News for You" information center

I saw this idea here on Pinterest, and purchased the frames at the dollar store. They were kind of flimsy, so I put strips of duct tape on each side to secure them!

Last year I put student work in a hanging crate by day, but they sometimes took work that was meant for students in other periods or grade levels, so I'm organizing it by period this year! I purchased the bin and hanging file folders at Target (my fav. store!)

This is my first item available on Teachers Pay Teachers and I was again inspired by the amazing Dandelions and Dragonflies . Seriously, she is amazing!

I absolutely love the "Let's eat Grandma" punctuation line, so I made my own poster using Glogster!

I used Tagxedo to create this word cloud, I then cut it and put it on scrapbook paper, added a few owl stickers from Michaels, and laminated! I also got the super cute owl ribbon at Michaels. 

I'm thinking I'll hang this on my classroom door, or near my chair. 

The dollar spot strikes again! I found these oversized clothespins and I plan to label them with each period I teach, I'm just waiting till I know exactly what my schedule is :) 

Here's my sign out board so I know where students are, I went with the dark because students seem to actually enjoy writing on it, and may be more likely to remember to sign out when they leave. Also from Target!

From.....you guessed it, Target! I love this board! I will be posting this right outside my door so students know what they need to bring to class each day :)


  1. I'm a year late, but I just found you on Pinterest and wanted to say I love your "Where is Mrs. White's Class Today" sign! I wasted so much paper last year when I was slapping signs up on my door last minute letting people know where we were. Great idea!

  2. Oh man, somehow I just found this on Pinterest and LOVE all your signs!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings


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